I usually do stuff. You can find what I’m doing (or what I did in the past) and where:

  • multi-list A jQuery plugin to turn an unordered list into a multiple selectable list. It started as an on-demand plugin for some work-related issues and now is a more general utility. View (source, npm)
  • chartjs-plugin-funnel-labels Plugin for Chart.js to add labels between columns to show the % progress in the same dataset. Chart.js 2.6.0 or above required. Written as an on-demand plugin for some work-related issues. View (source, npm)
  • date-ranges-selector A jQuery plugin to create a selector for multiple date ranges. It started as an on-demand plugin for some work-related stuff. View (source, npm)
  • Games! My profile on itch.io (an indie videogame repository/community) with a few games and prototipes I made to learn about videogames dev. Link
  • Albert Gonzalez Coffee Track A small project to keep my coffee count. A custom webapp (PHP + MySQL) with a homemade API that allows me to update the latest drinks easily. Link
  • Action Movie Title Generator It picks a bunch of cliches and action topics and creates a unique title and plot. Link
  • Fun Image Generators I made several image generators that allows the user to insert a text into an image (for joking purposes I must say). This generators also works with a little cache system to avoid regenerating the image every time it’s loaded. I’m currently thinking about refactoring them from scratch to create a single generator with multiple options.
  • The Last Coffeepot A 2D game made with Unity to learn more about it. Music by my friend Kinoli. Link
  • 0xConverter An old unit converter between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal I made in 2012. The main goal here was not only to write a real time converter that I wanted to use (honestly, there are LOTS of converter in EVERY app market) but also to do it with a nice interface and focusing into the visual details. Sadly, the source code was lost. Link

More in my Github profile (even Gist).