Albert Gonzalez homepage

Hello! I’m Albert Gonzalez, a computer engineer from Barcelona. I drink coffe and code both for fun and living, so check some of the projects I've been involved (mostly one-weekend hacks and stuff like that)!

I studied at UPC - FIB (Polytechnic University of Catalonia - Barcelona School of Informatics) and I’m currently working at The Hotels Network.

Stuff I do

I usually do stuff. You can find here what I’m doing now (or what I did in the past) and where.


I like to poke around with things like the Pico-8 "fantasy console", a virtual system created to develop games with a high retro style based both on the visual and the tech specs. On this system you write in some Lua-variant implemented by the creator.

Minor/old projects


Besides from computers (but probably related in some geek way) I like to draw comic strips. Sometimes I upload new stuff for my webcomic, htzcomic (only in spanish, at least for the moment).


Last update: 2020/06/07